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Familiarise yourself with Chinese culture during your business trip and explore this exciting city in ‘Zhongguo’ or the ‘Middle Kingdom’. If you’re looking for the right conference hotel in Beijing to suit your needs then our website is just the place. Prefer to have someone else search on your behalf? Then contact us and we’ll help you directly, quickly and easily.

Conference hotels in Beijing – capital of the People’s Republic of China

Beijing is home to many prominent buildings and squares. Tian’anmen Square, the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the Forbidden City and many more attract tourists from all corners of the globe every year. And this distinguished cultural heritage is a great way to enhance the event programme at your conference too.

While China’s cities have undergone unprecedented rapid development in decent decades, its history started several millennia prior. This diversity, shaped by a turbulent past, is what makes Beijing unique. The city itself consists of a densely populated, and therefore heavily built-up, centre, which only accounts for a fraction of its total area. The majority of it is actually more rural. With over 21 million people, Beijing is the country’s second largest city after Shanghai.

Beijing is connected to the world through its Capital International Airport. And though an extra terminal was added to this airport for the 2008 Olympic Games, it has once again become too small for this booming region. Another airport is currently under construction. Did you know that the current airport is the second busiest in the world after Atlanta?

Beijing is sure to inspire you as a venue for meetings and conferences. Immerse yourself in the Middle Kingdom and enquire online here about its conference hotels. We’ll be glad to help you with the selection and booking process.

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