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Looking for conference hotels in Cairo? The Middle Eastern city of the pharaohs is the perfect place for meetings, and captivates visitors with its over 6000-year-old history. The Egyptian capital has always played a key role in this exciting region, be it politically, culturally or economically. The country boasts a number of treasures, and gas and crude oil deposits are important economic factors. The tourism sector is another vital cornerstone. Experience a fascinating destination for your next meeting or seminar in the pulsating Middle Eastern capital.

Conference hotels in Cairo – Convening in the ancient world

The legendary Pyramids of Giza lie directly in the 22 million inhabitant city. You’ll find one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, on the Giza Plateau, along with the famous Sphinx, with its body of a lion and head of a human, which has watched over the pyramids for over 4000 years. Be sure to admire the finds from ancient tombs and other treasures from the amazing burial chambers. The Egyptian Museum was founded by the government in 1835 as a way of preventing further plundering by treasure hunters from Egypt and abroad. It is home to the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian art, including a number of mummies, as well as the gold death mask of Tutankhamun.

In Cairo, it is worth visiting the citadel, situated on the eastern bank of the Nile. On clear days, the UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a unique view of the city. The citadel was once used as a fort, and today is one of the finest mosques. After a day of seminars, it’s worth spending a bit of time visiting a souk. The Khan el-Khalili is the largest bazaar in Africa, and has dominated the townscape since the 14th century. After your shopping session, head to Al-Azhar Park to cool off.

Cairo offers a wealth of history, mixed with influences from times long past. It’s the perfect place for your next meeting or seminar. We’ll be glad to help you search for conference hotels in this city.

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