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The United Arab Emirates is by far the most fascinating country of the modern age, and Dubai one of its most spectacular cities. It all started with a pearling village which, in the 1960s, discovered the first oil field that saw the port city experience exponential growth. Today, Dubai is skyscraper-filled world city and major economic centre. Any company that rates itself in any way should have paid at least one visit to Dubai. These days it’s no longer just about crude oil, but rather also about investments in infrastructure and constant urban development. Dubai has become an indispensable market place.

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The city’s first skyscraper – the Dubai World Trade Centre – was opened in 1979. Since then, Dubai has continued to develop, and is now a concrete jungle under the hot Emirati sun. Well air-conditioned venues are taken care of, so you can decide whether you want to enjoy the heat or prefer to watch it from the sail-like Burj Al Arab hotel. As one of the world’s most expensive hotels, it offers pure 7-star luxury.

Dubai is currently home to the tallest building on the planet, the Burj Khalifa. Standing a proud 828 m tall, it provides views over the city. In Dubai, everything is possible. Fancy skiing at 40°C? Ski Dubai gives beginners and nostalgic expats from colder countries the opportunity to immerse themselves in a covered world of snow. Prefer to go shopping? You can browse 1200 shops at the Dubai Mall. The mall is connected to the Burj Khalifa via a metro link, and is of course air-conditioned.

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