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Welcome to Jakarta, the capital of the Indonesia. It’s a large, colourful and vibrant city, but it’s also packed full of Javanese serenity. And its range of conference hotels is as varied as the origins of its people.

Conference hotels in Jakarta – Meetings in a tropical island paradise

Depending on your route, Jakarta is accessible directly, or via the metropolises of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Soekarno-Hatta airport is located north-west of the city, and you can either take a taxi, train or, for the more adventurous, a bus to the city centre or your conference hotel.

The centre of commerce and trade in the largest island kingdom on earth is fascinating and breathtaking. Loud, honking traffic in the centre contrasts with idyllic beaches, volcanic landscapes, terraced rice fields and colourful flora and fauna. The old town centre, Kota Tua, which nestles amongst skyscrapers and lively streets, is today still home to buildings from colonial times, for Indonesia was once a Dutch colony. The square outside the first fortified Dutch settlement is a popular meeting place, and worth a visit. Also dating back to this time is the preserved Gedung Kesenian Theatre. Whether it be music, dance or theatre, the Javanese love their culture.

Engage with the locals’ customs and traditions, experience the ceremonies and rituals of foreign cultures and acquaint yourself with Indonesian hospitality and joie de vivre. But please remember that Jakarta is located on the predominantly Muslim island of Java, where the common practice is not to show too much skin in public.

Whether it be in the city centre or the nearby beach, you’ll feel the influences of Malay, Arab, Indian, Dutch and Chinese heritage everywhere. Countless bustling markets, the aromas from a myriad restaurants, and the many different people from all corners of the globe make up this multicultural society – which makes it the best place for meetings and business events. Looking for conference hotels in Jakarta? Send us a no-obligation request.

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