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In London, the day begins with Big Ben. The world’s most famous bell is housed in the city’s Elizabeth Tower and Palace of Westminster parliament building. The symbol of London is located right by the Thames, providing easy access to the world’s most important financial centre, the City of London. London is full of busy people always on the go, and this also defines its unique character. Life here is shaped by work and tradition, so it’s no surprise the British head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, continues to play such a key role in society.

Conference hotels in London – history and tradition

England’s main metropolis has three airports, and is easily accessed from anywhere. The city has lots to offer. Outside of your meetings, you’ll never get bored and will find lots of interesting things to do. Visit London’s national museums, all of which are free to enter. From history to art to biology, their doors are all open to you. The Royal Family is one of Europe’s most prominent families, and they play a dominant role in the cityscape. Buckingham Palace is the epitome of a royal palace, and if you want to trace back the royal empire, there’s more than enough to see. Visit St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London, where the Crown Jewels are housed today, or marvel at London’s many residences and palaces.

Looking for something else in particular? Then head to Harrods, the department store where dreams come true. There is apparently nothing you can’t find there. To escape the city’s hustle and bustle, take a walk through its many parks, and be sure to admire the beautiful Tower Bridge by night.

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