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Sao Paulo is Brazil’s largest city and financial centre. It is the chosen headquarters for banks and companies, and is one of the absolute business hubs of the world. Are you looking for conference hotels in Sao Paolo? We support you with the search, as well as with the organization of your meeting or conference.

With its 12 million people, it is also the twelfth largest city on the planet. Then there are its outskirts, which add another 8 million commuters. The ultimate megacity, whose vastness becomes evident even from the air when coming in to land. And those who don’t have time for traffic jams can simply fly from one meeting to another by helicopter. Fancy a conference of a different kind?

Conference hotels in Sao Paulo– from village to megacity

Founded by Jesuits in order to convert the indigenous people to Christianity, the city gradually grew to become a world metropolis as a result of coffee production. But Sao Paulo is definitely not just about modernity. The city centre has lots of little nooks and crannies that will make you forget you’re in a megacity. This includes Beco do Batman (Batman’s lane), which defines the Vila Madalena district with its copious graffiti. It is in these many laneways that you can enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife, Bohemian art and cultural scene. For art lovers, there’s the Pinacoteca, which houses one of Brazil’s most prominent art collections. Or for a mix of everything – from shopping to finance to culture –, head to Avenida Paulista. Sao Paulo will thrill you with its uniqueness and complexity.

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