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Taiwan’s capital is a metropolis of many facets. It is home to timeless evidence of one of the world’s oldest cultures. But it is also the result of hard work and perfect planning in the modern-day economic miracle that is Taiwan. We’ll find the best conference hotels in Taipei for you – for your next meeting, conference or business event.

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Most international flights arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, about one-hour’s drive from the city. Various shuttle buses will take you to all the major conference hotels, as well as one of the train stations or Taipei’s Songshan domestic airport for any onward journey you may be taking.

Sights in Taipei

The most famous building in the metropolis is the Taipei 101. The city’s landmark is 508 m high and its name simply refers to the number of floors. Here again, we see the fusion of tradition and modernity. Its shape is reminiscent of a growing bamboo shoot, with dragons’ heads emerging from its corners and a façade that resembles old Chinese coins. The five lowest floors are dedicated to shopping; the best view is to be had on the 89th floor, where there is a viewing platform for visitors.

The city’s oldest temple is located in the Manka district. Today the Longshan Temple functions as both a place of worship and a social meeting place. There are a lot of temples in Taipei, as well as historical buildings and of course the numerous markets. A stroll through one of the many night markets is a unique experience. You can eat, shop and get to know the locals here until the early hours.

Want to survey the city from Elephant Mountain? The little mountain is located just a little way from the city centre, and offers great views of the city even from the trail leading up it. This is the best place to take in Taipei 101, as well as the city’s many conference hotels.

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