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Planning a meeting or conference in Japan? You’ll find absolutely everything in the nation’s capital and global city of Tokyo. It forms part of the world’s largest urban centres, and is located in the eastern region of the largest island of the Japanese archipelago, Honshū. When it comes to conference hotels in Tokyo, we guarantee to find the right venue for you. Combine your conference with an experience of a different kind, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Japan.

Conference hotels in Tokyo – Japan’s megametropolis

Tokyo is the largest urban centre on earth, home to a total of 38 million people. But there’s not a trace of chaos here, for the Japanese are known for their order and discipline. The public transport network is one of the best in the world, and as such, Tokyo boasts a number of ideal conference hotels providing easy access to the airport and city centre.

Once the conference is over, it’s time to experience the local culture and its rich contrasts. You’ll be hard pushed to find a place crazier than Tokyo. Come face to face with the quirky fashion culture in the Harajuku district, where colourfully dressed young people gather to exchange the latest trends in clothing and accessories. Japan is famous for its mangas and eccentricity. Go with it and enjoy an evening at the legendary Robot Restaurant, where a unique show awaits.

For something less hectic, head to one of the many stunning public parks, where you can soak up the harmonious landscape and Zen gardens. The nature reflects the drive for perfection, and will enchant you with its beauty. Japan is also famous for its cherry-blossom festivals which mark the end of winter, and are a must-see spectacle.

Tokyo is centre for exquisite food, with exactly 230 Michelin-star restaurants – the most in any one city. Not only can you expect the world’s best sushi, you can also look forward to savouring culinary specialities from all over Japan.
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