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Zurich is a historic and traditional metropolis in Switzerland. But, situated in the Limmat River, it also stands for innovation, trends and progress and this is reflected in its conference hotels. Here you will find prestigious hotels and traditional properties with rich histories. Zurich also boasts modern conference and convention centres – both close to the city centre and near or at the airport.

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Even though the Swiss parliament is located in Bern, many locals consider Zurich to be Switzerland’s capital. And when you think about how many businesses, insurance companies and banks are based here, it’s no surprise. Numerous internationally renowned trade fairs are held in Zurich, along with sporting and social events. Coupled with this is the fact that Zurich’s central station and airport are the largest transport hubs in the country.

Zurich is closely linked with water. Did you know it has over 1,200 wells? The city is located right on the idyllic Lake Zurich, and the Limmat and Sihl rivers also flow through parts of it. Various tours provide a great way to relax and enjoy yourself out on the water. And anyone wanting to admire the Zurich metropolitan area from above is advised to take a day trip to the surrounding hills. The Uetliberg in the west and the Zürichberg in the east are both considered to be Zurich’s ‘local mountains’. As you can see, there’s a wide range of options to add some variety after your business meeting.

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